Explosive by Brugnoli

Maximum performance
Unbeatable comfort

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Explosive Technology by Brugnoli®


Outstanding freedom of movement
Soft touch
Two way stretch


High muscle compression
Energy saving during activity
Ideal for both training and competition


Perfect fit & look
Shape memory
High coverage - No transparency
Cleancut & Non curling


Pilling resistant anti abrasion even under extreme conditions
UNI EN 14704-1:05
UV protection 50+

Explosive Technology by Brugnoli®
Maximum Performance - Unbeatable Comfort

Explosive Technology by Brugnoli® is the special way of knitting
dedicated to the most performing and comfortable fabrics.

The unbeatable expression of both Power Compression and Outstanding Comfort,
reducing to the minimum the effort during the activity.

A real second skin fabric

Supporting the muscle and the body PERFECTLY AND FIRMLY with absolutely NO CONSTRICTION
Guaranteeing an exceptional FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT Making any activity extremely PLEASANT AND EASY

Fabrics with Explosive Technology
are certified LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ (Power – Comfort – Energy)

A simplified index rating system proprietary by LYCRA®, assessing fabrics performance on a 1-10 scale through scientific testing standards that measure fabric performance in its length and width: compression Power, Comfort and freedom of movement, Energy or effort exerted by the body to make the movement.

Ideal for sports and leisure activities LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ certified

High Compression and Muscle Sustain
Outstanding Comfort - Second Skin Effect
Low Effort needed to make the movement: move like a champion

Fabrics with Explosive Technology
are certified LYCRA® BEAUTY

A LYCRA® platform certifying fabric sculpting performance with totally unprecedented levels of comfort.

Ideal for lingerie and next to the skin garments, with light compression and high comfort

Perfect balance between comfort and shaping
Light fabric weight: < 200 gr/sqm

Fabrics with Explosive Technology
are certified LYCRA® BFF (Bra Fabric Finder™)

A LYCRA® platform certifying fabric based on rigorous testing methods, to support the selection of the best fabrics for any casual bras collection.

Meets requirements for perfect casual bras, guaranteeing perfect fit and active support with comfort.

Explosive E meets requirements for comfortable bras:
The fabric construction plays a role in the supporting power of the bra
guaranteeing high comfort and shaping

Fabrics with Explosive Technology
can be made with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™

Fabrics containing LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre last up to 10 times longer ensuring superior chlorine resistance, outstanding fit retention and durable protection against degradation resulting from pool water, sunscreen, heat and body oil.


Maximum Performance - Unbeatable Comfort

High compression, High comfort, Second skin effect, Double stretch


Subtle shaping, No compromise on comfort, Leightweight fabric


High comfort, Medium support, Shaping effect


No harmful substances used to produce the fabric, Safe next to the skin


High coverage, Extremely lightweight, No transparency, Double stretch, Perfect fit, High resistance


Production at Km0 with low impact on environment

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Classic Explosive | Solid colour with DyeToMatch Service | Warm | Silky touch |
Fancy Jacquard | JeansAttitude | Ribs | Recycled polyamide | Bio-based polyamide |
Far InfraRed technology | Made with Xtra Life™

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